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OCTOBER 5-6, 2024

Thank you to everyone that joined us this past weekend for the 2023 Vail Cup Soccer Tournament.  We had a wonderful weekend of weather and soccer.  Last night we had snow!  The weather gods were definitely with us during the event.
Hope to see you all next year. 

2023 Cindy Eskwith Memorial Vail Cup Soccer

Tournament Results



U11 Girls Bronze

Colorado United 2013G Bronze – Champion

Skyline 13G Grey – Finalist

U11 Girls Silver

Colorado United 2013G Gold – Champion

Skyline 13G Black – Finalist

U12 Girls Copper

Vail Valley SC Navy – Champion

Vail Valley SC Bandits - Finalist

U12 Girls Bronze

Windsor Warriors AFC – Champion

Skyline 12G Black – Finalist

U12 Girls Silver

Grand Junction 2012 Premier White – Champion

Grand Junction 2012 Premier Blue – Finalist

U12 Girls Gold

Real Colorado 2012 Sporting – Champion

Colorado Rapids South Burgundy I – Finalist

U13 Girls Bronze

Durango United Rio Rapids Thunder – Champion

Denver Kickers 2011G Red – Finalist

U13 Girls Silver

Real Colorado Girls White – Champion

Grand Junction Premier 2011G – Finalist

U13 Girls Gold

Real Colorado 2011G Red – Champion

Real Colorado 2012 Olympico – Finalist

U14 Girls Bronze

Real Colorado 2010 Girls White – Champion

Roaring Fork United 10G Eagles – Finalist


U14 Girls Silver

Colorado United 2010G Platinum

Colorado Rapids South 10G Burgundy

U15 Girls Bronze

Vail Valley SC Navy – Champion

Boulder County United 09 Academy Gold – Champion

U15 Girls Silver

Colorado United 2009G Grey – Champion

Colorado Rush 09G Cinza – Finalist

U15 Girls Gold

Colorado Elevation FC 09G Summit – Champion

Real Colorado 2009G Red – Finalist

U17 Girls Bronze

Roaring Fork United 08G Eagles – Champions

Durango Rio Rapids 08/09 Girls – Finalist

U17 Girls Silver

Colorado United 2008G Academy Blue – Champion

Colorado Rush 07G Azul – Finalist

U17 Girls Gold

Colorado Elevation 08G Peak – Champion

Colorado Rush 2008G Nero White – Finalist

U19 Girls Silver

Durango Rio Rapids SC 05’ – Champion

Roaring Fork United 05G Eagles – Finalist

U19 Girls Gold

Vail Valley U19 Navy – Champion

Casper SC Blades United 05/09 Girls – Finalist


U11 Boys Bronze

Bear Creek Shadow Bears – Champion

Avalanche  SC 2013B Black – Finalist

U11 Boys Silver

Broomfield Blast SC 2014 Prestige – Champion

Real Colorado 2013B Sporting – Finalist

U12 Boys Copper

Skyline 12B Silver – Champion

Avalanche SC 2012B Black – Finalist

U12 Boys Bronze

Skyline 12B White – Champion

Real Colorado 2012B Red - Finalist

U12 Boys Silver

Colorado Elevation FC 12B Summit – Champion

Colorado United 2012B Red – Finalist

U12 Boys Gold

Vail Valley SC U12 Navy – Champion

Avalanche SC 2012B Premier – Finalist

U13 Boys Silver

Real Colorado 2011B Red – Champion

Roaring Fork United 11B Eagles – Finalist

U13 Boys Gold

Vail Valley SC Boys Navy – Champion

Roaring Fork United 11B Rockslide – Finalist

U15 Boys Bronze

Crestmoor Cranmer Strike Force - Champion

Colorado Edge Legends 10B – Finalist

U15 Boys Silver

Vail Valley SC U15 Navy – Champion

Roaring Fork United 09B Falcons – Finalist

U15 Boys Gold

Real Colorado 2009 Boys Black 2 – Champion

Colorado Rapids North 10B Select I - Finalist






The Cindy Eskwith Memorial 2023 Vail Valley Soccer Tournament


The Vail Cup 2023 Soccer Tournament appreciates the extra support from the following towns and local businesses. We look forward to having 163 teams in our valley this weekend to play some great soccer. Thank you in advance to all our visitors (coaches and families), Vail Valley Soccer Club coaches and volunteer parents and our REFEREES who have traveled near and far!

See everyone on the pitch!

Thank you!



2023vcfinal vail cup rules.pdf

2023guest form .pdf

Vail Cup 2023 Schedule and Check in Information

It is now posted:

We have done the best we can with the NUMEROUS coaching conflicts that we had this year. Please plan coverage accordingly.



You can upload your CSA Sports Connect Roster and Guest player forms into the Got Sport System in PDF format. If you are out of state then you will upload your state roster. Wednesday, September 27th is the date rosters will FREEZE in the system. Please do this as soon as possible.


2023guest form .pdf

You can have up to 5 guest players

These forms will also need to be uploaded into the Got Sport system. There is a spot for up to 5 forms to be uploaded. The "guest player names" that are not on the Roster (that you uploaded for verification/approval) will then be hand written onto your rosters by us.

All rosters will be verified by us and put into the Field Marshal books. There will be a field marshal tent located at each field. The verified rosters will be on site and will be used during team check in before each game.

**Please have Guest Player forms on hand at your games for back up**


All teams must have individual PLAYER PASSES on hand for each player during every game (This includes guest players). They will be checked against the roster before each game. We recommend carrying a few player pass PDF's on you and carrying the individual passes in a small bag to use during on field team check in.


Please have medical releases on hand for all players. They can be your club forms or the one attached here.

medical release.pdf


2023VCFINAL vail cup rules.pdf


1) Games may be canceled or suspended when fields are not playable due to rain, low air temperature, excessively high winds or lightning.

2) The responsibility of game cancellation, shortened games or temporary suspension of games will rest with the Tournament Administration. Final judgement will be that of the tournament representative.

Penalty Kicks will be utilized to determine winners of games canceled due to weather.

(*5 kicker format)

3) In the event that play has been stopped by the field Referee, Head Referee or Tournament Administration, the score at the stoppage of play will be the final game score if at least one half was completed and if play is not resumed as ordered by tournament administration.

4) In the case of bad weather the referee and field marshals will notify everyone to clear the fields. Do not leave the complex until games are officially canceled. Participants and supporters should leave the playing area and go directly to their cars.

5) We will use the Weather Bug app to monitor lightning if necessary.

If lighting strikes are detected within 10 miles all players and coaches must seek shelter.

Once the Spark tab shows that there are no lightning strikes within 10 miles away, players must wait 30 minutes to return to the fields. (If lightning strikes are detected again within 10 miles, the 30 minute clock starts again)


We look forward to having you join us in a few weeks for a great weekend of soccer. Please email the below address with any questions you may have.


Go towww.vailsoccer.comto the tournament link if you would like additional information on the tournament.


[email protected]




There will be trainers available in several locations throughout the tournament.  There will be an AED available at all locations as well.

§  Freedom Park, Edwards

§  Homestake Peak, Eagle-Vail

§  Eagle Fairgrounds, Eagle

§  Ford Park, Vail

If you have an athlete that would like an ankle wrapped they must provide their own materials such as pre-wrap and tape.

(**NO dogs allowed at any of the FIELD locations during the event)


Avon Elementary School - 850 West Beaver Creek Blvd, Avon, CO  81620
Avon Nottingham Park - 414 West Beaver Creek Blvd, Avon, CO  81620
Battle Mountain High School - 0151 Miller Ranch Rd., Edwards, CO  81632
Battle Mountain High School Practice Field - *directly behind the west side of the school)
Berry Creek Middle School - 100 Miller Ranch Rd., Edwards, CO  81632
**(BMHS is directly across the street from Freedom Park/tournament headquarters)
Donovan Park - 1600 South Frontage Rd West, Vail, CO  81657
Eagle County Fairgrounds - 1400 Fairground Rd., Eagle, CO  81631
Eagle Valley Middle School - 747 East Third Street, Eagle, CO  81631 (*not being used for 2023 tournament)
Homestake Peak (Eagle Vail) - Front Field - 700 Eagle Rd., Avon, CO  81620
Homestake Peak  School stadium (Eagle Vail) - 750 Eagle Rd., Avon, CO  81620
Ford Park - 530 South Frontage Rd. East, Vail, CO  81657
Freedom Park/Mountain Rec Facility - 300 Miller Ranch Rd., Edwards, CO  81632
Singletree Community Park - 1240 Berry Creek Rd., Edwards, CO  81632
Vail Athletic Field - 646 Vail Valley Dr., Vail, CO  81657 (*not being used for 2023 tournament)
Vail Mountain School - 3000 Booth Falls Rd., Vail, CO  81657
Gypsum Rec Center Turf Field - 3295 Cooley Mesa Rd., Gypsum, CO 81637 


The Vail Valley Soccer Club has partnered with EventConnect to provide discounted hotel rates

for traveling teams to the 2023 Vail Valley Cup. Please see below important updates to our travel team policy for the 2023 event:

●      The 2023 Vail Valley Cup is Not a true Stay and Play Event, however, Event Connect has secured many discounted room blocks for the tournament. The link for room blocks will be released as soon as we start accepting teams into the tournament which will be in early August.  

●      Teams are still highly encouraged to book their lodging through the EventConnect system which will give teams access to:

○      Discounted Hotel Rates

○      Team Friendly Properties which include amenities such as free wifi, pools, free parking, and breakfast options

●      Cancellation and Pre-Authorization charges - teams and parents are asked to review the hotel specific cancelation policies that will be listed in the EventConnect system. These policies do vary per hotel and may impact your lodging experience. 



Lisa Reeder - Tournament Director
[email protected]

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Parking Freedom Park

No Parking in ECO bus area

You can park at Colorado Mtn. College Lot

You can park at Battle Mtn. High School staff parking lot that is East of the school and directly across from the Freedom Park playing fields

NO RV’s can be parked at Freedom park

NO dogs (service dogs with proper credentials are allowed)





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Cindy Eskwith, A Life’s work of love


June 19, 2013

Vail –If you’re in the Vail Valley and kicking a soccer ball, then you can thank Cindy Eskwith. Cindy’s 16-year battle with breast and bladder cancer ended in May of 2013. If you’ve been on the sidelines watching kids play a Vail Valley Soccer Club match then Cindy’s life has touched yours. Cindy made a difference to thousands of kids and their parents. “She was an incredible optimist.  It never occurred to her that something wouldn’t turn out right, and she worked until it did,” said Larry Eskwith, her husband of 40 years. In 1973, Cindy and Larry landed in Vail, Colorado after a stint in Steamboat Springs.  Cindy and Larry fell in love with the mountains and stayed. Cindy always believed in the power of sport to inspire leadership and teamwork.  She was an athlete her entire life.  Cindy got involved with local youth sports because her daughter started playing, the same reason most of us do.  But that’s where the similarities ended.  Cindy became president of the Vail valley Soccer Club’s board and started the enormously successful Vail Cup, the soccer tournament that brings thousands of people and many dollars to the valley each autumn. Cindy facilitated the deal for artificial turf fields in Edwards’ Freedom Park.  In 2012, the Colorado Youth Soccer Hall of Fame inducted Cindy to honor her significant personal achievement and extraordinary representation of the soccer community. In addition to sports, Cindy was passionate about local education.  She was part of almost every benefit and worked for almost every cause.  

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