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Frequently Asked Questions

2016/ 2017 Fee Schedule

U10  Fall and Spring Season     $575

U11-U12 Fall and Spring Season     $850

U13-U14 Fall and Spring Season     $925

High School U15-U18  (one season)     $550    


Uniform Kit (includes: shorts, two jerseys, socks and one practice jersey) $100

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How long has the club been around?

A. VVSC began in 1989 as a result from efforts of a group of local parents with a desire to bring soccer to the Vail Valley. Due to the growth of population in Eagle County, VVSC grew from 4 recreational teams to 12 teams in 1994. In 1995, the competitive division was created. Currently, VVSC participates in three different leagues; WSSL, Denver Recreational League and Denver Advance League.

Q. Where are home games played?

A. Currently, home games are played at the following field locations: Freedom Park, Homestake Peak, VMS, Donovan Park and Brush Creek Pavilion.

Q. How young do kids start?

A. Kids can start at the age of 8 and play until the age of 18.

Q. Which leagues are available for competition?

A. Denver Advance League,  Western Slope State League and Denver Recreational League (Gold Intermediate Division Only)

Q. How long are the seasons?

A. We play all year round with tryouts in May. Games are played for the Fall season in late August to the beginning of November and the Spring season is Mid-March until May. Teams also participate in tournaments during the fall and spring, and occasionally in the summer.

Q. How many times per week do teams practice?

A. In general, teams practice three times per week. Information will be provided by each team regarding their practice schedule.

Competitive teams practice three times a week, each practice is 90 minutes in length, with games on weekends.

Recreational teams 2.5 to 3 hours a week with games on the weekends.

Q. Where do teams practice?

A. Freedom Park, June Creek Elementary School, Homestake Peak, Singletree, Avon Elementary and Edwards Elementary. Other locations are available, however, they must be approved by either the Executive Director or the Director of Coaching. Practice times and locations are recommended by the coach and manager.

Q. What’s involved with becoming a member?

A. There is a tryout process for all competitive teams. Coaches of the respective teams conduct these sessions to find the players who are best suited to their teams. Players are evaluated on skill and technical ability, attitude and effort and overall fitness. VVSC makes sure that each child is placed appropriately based on their soccer age, not necessarily on their chronological age.  

Q. How are payments made to cover the fees for the year?

A. We offer an on-line registration for our member fees. There is an option to pay in full, or monthly payments over six months.


Q. What do the registration fees pay for?

A. Registration fees cover the team's registrations fees with CSA, referee fees, field usage fees, field maintenance, coaches and operations costs.

Q. Is financial support available?

A. We offer scholarships on a needs basis. There is an application process that is required for those seeking assistance. Proper documentation is required with every application. No incomplete applications will be accepted. Please be mindful of deadlines, as no applications will be accepted after its due date.
Q. Are there any opportunities to join a team after tryouts are conducted?

A. Yes, there are opportunities to still join a team if you miss the tryouts, but it would depend on availability of roster spots for the respective teams. These spots are for a practice player only. There is also a possibility to join a roster for a tournament, if there are not enough players from the roster that can attend that tournament. 

Q. Is playtime equal?

A. Playtime is determined by many factors. For U11 competitive teams and older, the coach takes all of the following factors into consideration: technical  skill, game awareness, position, attitude, commitment, coachability and effort. There is not an exact formula for playing time. VVSC's goal is to develop the player while staying competitive within any given game. If you have questions or concerns about playtime, please contact the coach directly.

10U and younger: The goal of U10 is development and playtime is geared towards a more equal playing time. This means, players will receive at least 50% playing time over the course of a season. 


Q. If I have a question or concern, how should I handle it?

A. All coaching questions or concerns should be brought up with the coach first. If you feel your concern or question was not answered, then please contact the Director of Coaching. If you still feel there unresolved issues, please direct your attention to the Executive Director at director@vailsoccer.com.


​Q. Why do I need to share my concerns with the coach first?

A. Often times the coach is completely unaware of the situation. We want open, transparent and professional communication among our staff and membership. This can only occur if parents are willing to follow VVSC's 'Chain of Command' when addressing concerns. 


Q. How do I become a coach?

A. Please contact the DOC at travis@vailsoccer.com.

Board Member or Volunteer?

A. Please contact the Executive Director at director@vailsoccer.com.