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Private/Small- Group Training

Private and Small Group Training

The beauty of private training is that you get a customized curriculum to work on any technique or set of techniques that you are looking to improve. Working in a private setting, VVSC can quickly identify and improve your weak areas and will allow us to build a focused set of activities to improve your individual techniques. 

Private (1 player) 
*Sessions are 60 minutes

#of Sessions Price per session
1 $70
6 $60
12 $50

The small-group training is created for groups of players to continue their development within a group setting. This not only allows individual technical development, but also allows players to see their development progress through a technical/functional environment. Technique+decision making = action theory. These small-groups are formed by players and families that want to train specifically together. 

Small-Group (2-6 players) *Sessions are 60 minutes

#of Sessions Price per session
1 $120
6 $110

Please contact Kerri Thelen, Executive Director, for any training inquiries - director@vailsoccer.com

All payments will be to Vail Valley Soccer Club. 

Available coaches for training:


  1. Tim Busen - USSF National 'C' License, USYS National Youth License and NSCAA GK 2 Diploma
  2. Michael Flato - Former Division I GK