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Dear VVSC Pre-Season Camp Athletes and Families-

(This is for those of you who have signed up for the pre-season camp only- please ignore this message if you did not sign up for this camp!)

We are very excited about our upcoming camp, August 5th through the 8th,  at Freedom Park!  This is a progressive 4-day pre-season training camp aimed to prepare our athletes for a great soccer season.

The schedule is as follows:
Tuesday – Technical and Dribbling
Wednesday – Passing
Thursday – Finishing
Friday – Games

Lew English from St. Louis is back to lead this camp, along with our Director of Coaching, Eddie Schoenbein.  Lew brings an extensive soccer resume with him, and we are lucky he is back again this year for our camp! He has an “A” license, and has coached at Saint Louis Scott Gallagher Soccer Club, Director of Coaching at Wolfpack Soccer Club, and participant/demonstrator at Wiel Coerver U.S. coaching course.  In addition to Lew, we have many more coaches from inside and outside our club to help develop our players over this camp.
Camp logistics:

• Check-in opens at 3:00pm on Tuesday (Aug. 5th) at the Pavilion at Freedom Park in Edwards, and will close at 3:50, as we will start promptly at 4 pm.  Wednesday, Thursday & Friday, there is no check-in; athletes will go directly to their field. Athletes need to wear their training shirt each day of camp, and the designated camp shorts (see more below). We ask that you arrive 15 minutes before camp starts for all of the sessions. Sessions end at 7 pm each day.

• This year we are unveiling our training camp kit; all VVSC athletes are required to wear throughout our season at different times.  The shirts will be provided on the first night of the camp during the check-in. The FIRST night only (Tuesday, August 5), we will be offering the shorts (white ADIDAS shorts) for $5 for the first pair, $10 for the 2nd pair. Starting August 6, shorts will cost $15 per pair. THIS IS FOR CAMPERS ONLY! All club members will be required to purchase the training shirt and shorts if they did not attend camp, so this is a great time to purchase your shorts. TUESDAY, AUGUST 5th for discounted prices.

Please bring the following to camp EVERY DAY in a bag/backpack labeled:
Running Shoes
Shin Guards
BALL- Size 4 for U9 – U11, Size 5 for U12 & up
Training Shirt (provided first night)
Training Shorts (bought first night)
Water bottle- full
Snacks- if desired

If you are interested in volunteering for pre-season camp, please click here to sign up!  www.SignUpGenius.com/go/904084BA4AE2AA57-preseason1

Should you have any questions from now until August 5th, please email director@vailsoccer.com

Thank you!


What YOU can learn from the World Cup by our DOC, Eddie Schoenbein

~~The Wolrd Cup has sadly come to an end and it will be another 4 years until we get to see the planet unite in the name of 'futbol.'  This tournaments drama could be written as a movie script and has given us a touch of everything we deal with on a weekly basis even at the youth level.  It has also uniquely afforded us a chance to relate our weekly club experiences and to reflect on how we may react when the drama unfolds.

Referees missing calls, a home team embarrassed with a 7-1 loss, own goals, missed chances, red cards.  We've also seen many positives… spectacular goals, world class technique and touch on the ball, epic fitness levels, emotional PK wins, countries joining together and teams reaching goals they didn't know were possible!  The emotions that relate are only explained from 1st hand experience sharing this with family, friends, teammates and sometimes complete strangers are lifetime memories! These soccer experiences, good and bad, are what make the game so desirable and the chance for YOU to have this is right around the corner…. if you want it!!

For upcoming seasons, focus on what works and what wins championships.  The winning isn't most important but how every great team gets to the podium is!  The ability of an athlete is always a major factor in the successes he or she will have yet "the whole is greater than the sum of it's parts." The group that can come together as a team is the one that will rise to the top.  Each team needs leaders, role players, goal scorers, Goalkeepers and players that sit on the bench.  These 'positions' can change rapidly but a good team will always come together to fill these roles.   As the Germans lift the World Cup trophy, I can't help but think of their nickname… THE MACHINE!  This remarkable group of players had the mentality to put their stardom aside and put their team and country first. Individually, they played where they would be most effective and made every minute on the field count. This is the mentality of Champions!

Bottom line, make your team a priority.  Realize that the work you are putting in is only worth anything if it works with others.  Communicate with one another… you need the guy/gal sitting next to you and it's imperative to work together to accomplish your common goals.  Be confident in your ability.  Practice to always get faster and prepare to succeed … notice the pace of play is only increasing!  Be honest with yourself and the effort you put in… Regret nothing because you didn't give it all you got!


“I love to watch you play” –six words you should say TODAY to your child

Insightful Article can be found here:




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Cancellation Policy

   VVSC will make an official call about the fields/games at 6am, the day of the game. Any updates will be posted HERE on our website. We are sorry we can't  provide anymore specific information than that, as weather changes quickly here.

VVSC makes every effort possible to get games played, and it's exceedingly rare for games to be cancelled due to weather.

Thank you for your patience and understanding during this spring season.